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We believe that staff members are the most valuable for corporation development. We develop different creative training schemes to strengthen our staff members.

Pre-entry Training Scheme

To introduce basic knowledge, and provide professional and on-post training. Each of the staff member has opportunity to understand his/her responsibilities, obligations and rights.

Corporate Training Scheme

To provide enhancement of overall performance of each of the staff member, which is based on corporate strategy and the requirements of business development.

Specific Training Scheme

To provide advanced training with the basis of corporate development and staff-oriented interests, enrich the communications, experience exchange and learning capcity between staff members.

Post Rotation Training Scheme

1. Enrich the human resources in all levels and integrated capabilities of staff members;
2. Staff members are able to meet the new challenges;
3. All departments are able to familar with one another and keeping a smooth operation;
4. Enhance the management to achieves workflow, task requirements and information archives with positive effects;
5. Optimize the workflow and assessment scheme by proceeding the tasks by different staff member;
6. Optimize the responsibilities and rights by position rotation.