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Sales Network


Mainland China and international sales network

Sales network in Mainland China

We setup "International Procurement Department" and "International Marketing Department" with the support of sales network, human resources and experiences from Luda Group Hong Kong.

Direct sales: Covering major cities and deeply expand in local market;

Domestic distributor: Quality exclusive distributor to enhance the brand;

Regional agency: Create regional distribution partnerships for breadth development;

OEM: Provide OEM supplies with long-term partnerships.

International sales network

Global merchandising and marketing departments have been established in Hong Kong headquarter with the advantages of Asia's world city;

Establish North and South America, Europe, Middle East and Oceanic markets with different strong business branches.

We provide the following support to our distributors:

1. Various mode of partnerships to protect spcific market(s) and flow of supplies;
2. Outstanding quality of products for sales to end-users;
3. Feasible marketing strategies;
4. Execllent marketing team to support distribution expansion;
5. Full set of marketing information and planning with perfect after-sales services.

Become our distributor if you are able to:

1. Having experience in sales operations with OTC products, health care products, prescription and non-prescription drugs including case demonstration;
2. Having a ood business reputation and financial support;
3. Having a mature marketing team and sales network;
4. Having strong distribution channel(s);
5. Having a good relationship with localized pharmaceutical industries and management department(s).

Please contact us if you have interested in becoming one of our distributors.