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1. New Products Recommendation

Recommend drugs, health products, specialty foods, medical equipment with great market potential to expand our product portfolio and therapeutic area is another important development strategy of the company.

Major strategies for new products recommendation

Products with rapidly growth:
Search for those products which have already sold in China and in accordance with the Company's products screening principles.

Products with long-term prospects:
Introducing, pharmaceutical products manufactured by overseas pharmaceutical companies which required application of registration in China to increase transparency, predictability and stability of our products portfolio development.

Products with permanent marketing control:
Besides in the form of contract to control the products' right, we also considering upfront or pay for license fees to obtain the products selling and marketing rights in China to get more stable products portfolio.

2. Sales Model

Direct Promotion Model
We search prospective drug candidates among overseas and domestic pharmaceutical companies with a focus on therapeutic areas which we perceive to be in large demand in the Chinese market. When we select new pharmaceutical products, we employ strict selection criteria which include whether the product:

has significant market potential or addresses unmet medical needs in China;
has unique features that helps to differentiate it from competitive products; and
is difficult to imitate in China's market.

The stringent product selection process will enable us to identify more products suitable for direct promotion network in the Chinese market.

Agency Promotion Model
We spot products from overseas and domestic pharmaceutical companies which have huge market demand and have already captured some market shares in China and also have highly popularity and acceptation within Chinese physicians.

The Company will continue to expand product selection and evaluation, is not only committed to introducing an average of not less than two products that appropriate to the Direct Network each year, but also committed to introducing not less than two products that suitable to the Agency Network, while diversifying methods to introduce products, especially by way of purchase to obtain more stable and controllable products.

3. Value-added Services

We also provide the following value-added services to support other pharmaceutical companies, including registration of new imported drug registration, renew the imported drugs registration certificate, participate in drug tender, customs clearance, import drug testing and other product management issues.

4. Positioning

We formulate an appropriate marketing positioning for each product, primarily focus on identifying the following aspects of the product:

The prevailing treatment protocols of medical officer;
the demographic profile of the relevant patient pool in China; and
potential competitive advantages.

Based on the marketing positioning, we formulate marketing strategies and plans to introduce products to the market. An overall strategic marketing plan for the year, with details for each region and each quarter of the year, is mapped out for each product. We believe a centralized marketing plan adjusted for local needs is an appropriate approach.